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Our Story

Instead of selling you some cock & bull; come home to roost; sailing around the world myth. Let’s make it clear up front, there’s NO legendry explorers; NO history of the spice routes; NO secret family recipe Blah…Blah….

Our story is a simple one, the founders have a passion for good quality, wholesome and tasty food. We paid a wing and leg to buy into one of these flamed grilled food franchises thinking that this was the way to go. Only to realise that these corporations only care about the bottom line with no focus on customer care; quality of food or loyalty to those that invest in their brand.

After being dealt a very raw deal, we decided to make “lemon and herb” out of the lemon we’d been served. Instead of laying down and licking our wounds, our focus turned to making our customers lick their fingers. We put in a lot of time and energy into researching new recipes and finding quality supplies to enable us to regroup; rebrand; and relaunch as TAKA TAKA The Grill Masters.

Our free-range chicken is marinated and then cooked over our flame grills, our sauces are now our own secret recipe served in Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, extra Hot and Suicide for those that are daring enough to try it.

TAKA TAKA believes that our fiery feasts are meant to be dished up with personality. We are famous for serving everything with great passion. We greet our customers with genuine hospitality, busily cooking up delicious flamed grilled chicken; pregos; wraps and burgers, using recipes that have been tried; tested and perfected giving patrons a real taste of South African home grown flavours.